Landscape Design


The largest focus of our practice is on the delivery of outstanding garden designs taking a blank canvas and creating an extraordinary outdoor living space. Offering design solutions that are sensitive and site appropriate, yet responsive to the needs of each client, our team is lean, cohesive and motivated by the challenges presented by every new project.

We know all-too-well how stressful the construction phase can be. That’s why we’ll work with you throughout this crucial component of the design process to deliver a highly-personalised service incorporating creative, detailed and distinctive designs.


PHASE 1 - Initial Onsite Design Consultation 

This our first chance to meet each other, take a look at your site and discuss ideas and scope of your project. We will talk through a range of options for your project and generally find the design 'key' (that one element that ties the whole design together and informs design decisions) leave you with a good indication of the direction of the design.

FEE PROPOSAL - Once we have seen your site and discussed your design brief we will have a good indication as the level of design documentation required to communicate the design concept. We will provide your with a fee proposal specifically tailored to your project, generally taking you through 'Preliminary Concept Design' through to your 'Landscape Concept Design'.  

PHASE 2 - Preliminary Landscape Concept Design

Your first look at the potential for your space. This is where we take all our discussions and add our unique Urban Exotic style and develop your brief into a realistic deign proposal. At this early stage in the design process we focus on the layout and overall feel of the space, generally the preliminary concept designs are presented with a landscape concept plan showing the location and flow between all landscape elements. We also prepare a perspective view (examples below) to help your visualise the overall composition of the design. It is at this stage we present you with the design to you and work collaboratively with yourselves to ensure the design is exactl;y waht your are after prior to moving into the Phase 3.  


Phase 3 - Landscape Concept Design

Once you are happy with the Preliminary Concept Design we move forward and add detail to the design documentation. This generally includes layout plans showing key dimensions, contours, levels and drainage, we even provide you with a breakdown of landscape areas making cost estimation just that little bit easier. Landscape lighting can really set off a design we will provide you with a lighting design creating the atmosphere you desire. No landscape design is complete without plants, we will provide you with a unique planting plan to suit the look and feel of your space. 

Once our design is complete we will have a better understanding as to what is required to move forward with your project, many projects can just move straight into costing and construction. Some projects will require council approvals prior to proceeding. Urban Exotic can handle this for you.   

Phase 4 -  Construction Documentation

For the more detailed design construction documentation can provide a high level of resolution to all design aspects ensuring the finished product meets the poten


For our clients, the garden was not about views to the coastline (which they already had  on the upper levels of the residence).  This garden was about the view looking down into the space, as well as the experience it would deliver.  It was about creating a habitable space with meditative qualities.